Help - I want to Update a record and automate the update of another record

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I am running into a wall.

I am trying to create an "update" automation.

The Goal: When I update a single field inside a record I want the automation to update a corresponding field in another record. 

My Trigger - When a record is updated

Record to watch "Current PM"

Watch for updates in the field "Yearly Amount". 

My Action -  Update Record 

Update Record in table " PM Monthly Flow"

Record ID - I have chosen "Record ID"

Fields to be updated - "$Yearly Sum"

I want the "Yearly amount" field in the "Current PM' record to update the "$Yearly Sum" field in the "PM Flow" record.

It fails every time......... Help



My Action



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Could you provide screenshots of the tables and the relevant fields?  Without that information it's hard to help with troubleshooting.

Do you have a linked field between the two tables "Current PM List" and "PM Monthly Flow"?  Where are you getting the "Record ID" value you're using in your action?

Sorry... I had these as an attachment.

To your question. Yes everything should be linked. As I have been building automated links that been creating records as I build out my crm.


Action Step.JPG

Thanks for the screenshots.  Those appear to be screenshots of your automation trigger and action though.  Could you provide screenshots of the tables and the relevant fields?

Current PM Records

Current PM List.JPG


PM Flow Record



Hi Scott, thanks.  That looks fine actually, so I think it should be to do with the record ID bit.  I've set up a version of the automation that you're looking for here

Screen Recording 2023-03-11 at 12.32.38 PM.gif

And here's the tricky bit where you put in the record ID:

Screen Recording 2023-03-11 at 12.33.14 PM.gif

I was also wondering if we could just use a lookup field for this instead actually.  That way you wouldn't need an automation to keep this number updated, the lookup field would always display the latest updated number?


Thank you for your efforts. I am definitely a novice at Airtable. I am a business owner just trying to figure this out.

When I try and copy what you have done I do not get the same fields and I really don't understand your instruction.

Can you break each step down like am 2 years old? Plus the gif video is super fast.

My fields that I am trying to link are both currency fields.

When I change them to your suggestion of "Look Up" suddenly things break and new fields are getting created. So I am deeply confused. 

The more I watch this and try to figure it out I believe I am confusing myself and overthinking it.

So can you break it down by steps like I am 2?


Ah no worries at all

So, first, we have a linked field between the "Current PM List" and "Monthly PM Flow" tables right?  (I'm not 100% sure you have this as I don't see said field in the tabble screenshots, but you mentioned earlier they were linked)

The way you've got your automation set up in your screenshots looks good, and the only thing you need to change is in the "Update Record" action, specifically the "Record ID" action

For this field, you will need to select the linked field to the "Monthly PM Flow" table.  After you've done that, you'll need to click on the pill itself:

Screenshot 2023-03-12 at 12.51.58 PM.png

And after you click it, you'll be shown another menu, where you'll need to choose to show the "ID" property:

Screenshot 2023-03-12 at 12.52.45 PM.png

This is basically saying that, when you update the record "Record 1" in "Current PM List", you want it to update the appropriate record in "Monthly PM Flow", and we're determining what's the appropriate record in "Monthly PM Flow" via the linked field

This might go smoother over a call with some screen sharing though, and if you'd like to do a free half hour call to help clarify things you can pick a time that's convenient for you here!