Re: How do I add a date from one table field into another table's field using Automation?

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Hi there,

I have a table, we’ll call it “Table A”, where I capture all of the medical history of a select population (it’s dogs, in case anyone was wondering). A dog’s complete medical work up happens over a series of appointments. So I have a second table (Table B) that keeps track of medical appointment requests and the services that were requested on an appointment basis. So quick recap, Table A = dog basis, Table B = individual appointment basis. There are several fields in Table A that we tract the dates which services were performed (so Rabies vaccination given 10/15/2020 for example). Since many services can be performed in a single appointment, I’d like to automate the population of the fields in Table A that correspond to appointments in Table B. But I also need the flexibility of being able to manually enter values into Table A (so look ups won’t work for me).

I cannot figure out how to get my “Appointment Dates” in Table B to populate individual service dates in Table A. I’ve figured out just about every other automation (check boxes, text, etc.) but cannot figure out dates. Help!

In case it’s relevant, my field in Table A is day only, whereas the field in Table B is date and time.

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Welcome to the community, @Animal_JusticeLeague! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: What you want could probably be done, but it would require scripting to pull it off. I don’t see this happening via Airtable’s no-code solutions. Depending on how appointments are entered, it may be possible to achieve via automation, but I’d be more inclined to look at writing (or having someone else write) a script for the Scripting app that would ask for the specific details of an appointment, then create that appointment record while also recording any relevant details in the dog’s individual record, allowing the dog’s record to still be updated manually as needed.

I recently created something similar for my invoicing system. Instead of making records in multiple tables and manually linking them together, I wrote a script where I fill in a few blanks and answer some yes/no questions, and the script does all of the necessary record creation and linking for me.

If you’d like some help with such a script, drop me a message and we can discuss the details.