How to add a tag on a specific event

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

We need an automation to tag a customer that is returning their purchase with 14 days.

We want to add the tag “to refund” upon these conditions;
They cancelled the order within 14 days of “activation date”

We have the following fields

  • “delivered date”
  • “cancellation date”

how do i make an automation to calculate the amount of days between those two fields and if the value is 1 through 14, add a tag to “line features”?

thanks for your help

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You can do this without an automation using a simple formula field.

    {activation date},
    {cancellation date},
    DATETIME_DIFF({cancellation date}, {activation date}, 'days') < 15
  'to refund',

If you do want to use an automation, set your trigger to be “when Formula contains ‘to refund’”

no such trigger option.