How to automate form confirmation email that includes their submission answers

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4 - Data Explorer

I see I can set up an automated email response like “thanks for filling out the form” but ca I set it up to include their responses so they have a copy of what their answers were?

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Hey @Tina_Teutsch!
Welcome to the forums!

To get a complete sense of what you’re thinking, let me know if this aligns with what you’re imagining, and I can give you more insight into accomplishing it.

  1. A user submits an Airtable form to your base.
  2. After submission, that user gets an automated email response like:
    • “Thank you for filling out the form! Your response has been recorded!”

If a user replies to that email, you want to be able to record their reply in Airtable.

If that’s correct, then there are a couple of crafty ways you can accomplish that.

When setting up a Send Email action in an Airtable automation, you can expand the email settings to give you more granular control over some of the action parameters.


The key parameter you’re looking for is “Reply to.”
Being able to send emails to other email addresses allows you to do many amazing things.

In your case, I would just set up a quick and straightforward automation in a tool like Make or Zapier.
I would have the email replies forward to another email address of mine, or you could use your personal (your choice.)

Have that automation tool look for emails that come from replies to that Airtable email and have them toss that information into Airtable using either their full integrations or a webhook.

It might seem complex, but it’s effortless once you understand the steps in the process. In this case, it’s only three steps minimum!

I’m happy to provide more guidance or clarification if you’d like!

8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

yes - really simple

go to automations

set trigger as When form is submitted

and then action is send email (either from airtable or you can connect to outlook etc)

merge fields into the text of the email which are their answers - a sample below