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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am trying to create an automation where every Monday morning at 6am, all my multi select tags set as ‘Followed up on content’ are changed to ‘Need to follow up’, but without removing the other tags that are already set.

Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 2.47.18 pm

Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 2.49.34 pm

I also need to create a button I can manually use that changes all ‘Need to follow up’ to ‘Followed up on content’, also without removing the other tags that are already set.

Pretty new to airtable, so thanks for anyone that can help!

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Use a formula field like this

DATETIME_FORMAT(NOW(), "dd HH") = "Mo 06",
SUBSTITUTE({Content Status}, "Followed up on content", "Need to follow up")

Set ann automation to trigger when that Formula field is not empty. Then add a Update Record action step that inserts the formula result into the {Content Status} field.

If you have several hundred records that need to be updated, a script would be more efficient. Also the button-activation would probably work best as a (slightly different) script

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

@Kamille_Parksthis is helpful - I am trying to do something similar and would love to see how you would set-up the automation! 

I am basically trying FIND any record that has both "No RTW Feedback" & "RTW Received" in the multiselect (called Feedback Status) and REPLACE "No RTW Feedback" with "RTW Received" all while keeping the other multiselect inputs that same (in this case, "No PL Feedback".

Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 4.36.22 PM.png

For context - the "No RTW Feedback" status gets added via an automation after we have completed reaching out to a user for feedback and they don't provide any feedback. 

And the "RTW Received" status gets added via an automation whenever feedback is submitted.

The trouble is - in instances where a user gives us feedback AFTER we finish reaching out to them, we end up with two statuses ("No RTW Feedback" & "RTW Received"). 

Ideal state is if when feedback is received, the "No RTW Feedback" is REPLACED by "RTW Received" (without over-riding the PL status).

Do you have any suggestions? 

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

@Kamille_Parks I actually figured this out! I worked out a solution using an IF + CONCATENATE formula + an automation. 

Thanks for the inspo here!