Re: How to have a new record, that is populated from a form, automatically be tagged as "new submission"

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4 - Data Explorer

(brand new to Airtable)
Hi everyone,

I have a form and plan on having lots of submissions in the next few days.

I want to make it easier on the client so they know which submissions are brand new. Hypothetically when they wake up and check the chart when there are new records they’ve never seen, it says “new submission” or something similar.

Let me know. I was thinking of having a column with single select but unsure how to automatically trigger something that’s brand new.


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Hi @Nick_Thomsen - there isn’t a default option on a single select but you can set this using an automation. Something like:

When new record is created

Update record (and set single select to “new submission”)

A single line text field has a default value, so you could also use this without an automation, but this isn’t so useful for a status-type field which could take one of a number of pre-defined values

You can have a single select that shows the state of a record. Note that you will also want a mechanism to move records out of that initial state. There is no way to automatically change the state of a single select (or any other field) based only on whether or not the record has been viewed. The user must change a field value, click a button or otherwise interact with the record.

Another option is to create a field based on when the record was created that says if the record was created in the last day, week, month, etc, then group records according to that formula field.

Also know that setting default values for fields does not work well for records created via a form.