How to integrate Airtable with Wordpress with webhooks

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hey all.

I’m trying to use WP Webhooks pro to export records into a custom post on our Wordpress website.

We have real estate listings in Airtable and want to export this data including images to Wordpress, where we use custom post types as listings.

Apparently this can be done with Webhooks.

But I can’t 100% figure out how to do. I’ve been some tutorials online where they create a button in each record with formulas that fires a webhook for that particular record, which would be perfect. But how are the images exported?

Any feedback and guidance really appreciated.

Thank you!

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I found that using the App "Postman" was great for learning how to use webhooks. Further to this, Postman also allows for the export of projects into JavaScript, that can then be used within your Airtable Automation Scripts.

Images aside, have you had any success using webhooks with a simple JSON object?