How to specify the timezone for scheduled automations?

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7 - App Architect

I want an email automation to scheduled for at Noon PST timezone. I am based in IST, so when I set up the automation it is set up for IST. How do I specify the timezone for the receiver’s timezone?
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I don’t see any setup in the automations config.
Do I need to have a different field to just get that specific time?

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You always want the automation to trigger at 12pm PST? If so, then just set the automation for 1:30am IST, which is the time difference between PST and IST.

Thanks for the quick response. So do the automations take the automation creator’s timezone? What if there are more people in the same base from various timezones. Will they see the automation settings time converted to their timezone?


I’m assuming that Airtable will convert the time to local timezones, which is how Airtable typically handles times.

Ah okay, will go with the same assumption to begin with :grinning_face_with_sweat:

Just realised that when the time change occurs, this will not work :confused: I will need to fix it for every time change.

That is true.

If you need to schedule an automation with precise scheduling and will automatically adjust with the time zone changes, I would highly recommend using Integromat, which is a low-code/no-code automation platform that has advanced scheduling & advanced integration with Airtable: