Is it possible to check for email responses in inbox in automation

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I'm currently working on setting up an email system for sending bulk messages to suppliers. I've discovered that I can utilize automations to enable Airtable to automatically send emails to suppliers based on the information in my table. Additionally, I've set it up so that it sends a follow-up email one week later using the date field.

However, I'm unsure if it's feasible, but I'm wondering if there's any method, whether it involves additional tools or any other means, that would allow me to check if I've received a response from the email or domain and incorporate that information into the automation process?

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Are you sending emails using Airtable's "Send an Email" action?

If so, you can set a "Reply To" email address.

Underneath the "To" field, click on the words "More Options", and you can specify a reply email address there.

- ScottWord, Expert Airtable Consultant

Yeap, you can use something like TaskRobin that grabs your emails and pushes it into Airtable for you:

If you have an existing subscription with automation tools like Zapier, Make, etc you could use those too