Is there a way to updated a lookup record automatically?

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I have a base that is being used to store all incoming data from a Tally form. The base is separated between two tables, “Applicants” and “Rental History”. On the Rental History table I have a lookup that pulls the applicant record from the “Applicants” table. However, I have to manually click in to the lookup and select which applicant I want to connect to. Is there a way to automate this so that when a form is submitted and a new record is created in the “Applicants” table the “Applicants” lookup on the “Rental History” table is automatically linked to the new applicant’s record? I hope this makes sense and any guidance at all is greatly appreciated!

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Hey Bryant, if you’re open to changing your table structure, you can modify the Rental History table so that it’s primary field is the unique identifier for each applicant. You’d then make an automation where, on form submission, you paste the applicant’s unique identifier into the linked field to Rental History, creating an automatic link there.

If not, you could use an automation to, on form submission, find the appropriate record in Rental History, again via the unique identifier, and then update the record to link the two together