Limit on number of data elements in an email automation?

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4 - Data Explorer

Is there a limit to the number of data elements I can put into the body of an email for my email automation?

This works:

But this doesn’t:

All of the fields are populated.

I’m on the free plan. Do I have to upgrade to get this to work?



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There isn’t a limit on the number of fields that you can insert into the email body, but there are other limits tied to the “Send email” action, including a limit on the number of emails you can send per day to non-collaborators. That might be the issue here. At the top of the “Send email” action, you’ll see something about the applied limits.

I got it working!

I created a new automation and started from scratch and it worked.

I want to automate submitting music to playlist curators on Spotify. I will be working with lots of artists so sending their songs individually to hundreds of playlisters would be insanely time-consuming.

The first automation I tried was on a weekly timer. I found the records in my Releases table that match the criteria then found the records in my Playlist table. Then I constructed the email. For some reason that wouldn’t work with all of the data elements in the email.

For the new automation, I chose the Send email automation and the trigger is “when a record matches certain criteria”. Then in the action, I find the records in the Spotify table that match the criteria I want (like genre) and then construct the email with all the data I need from both tables. Then I update the record in the first table so that it wouldn’t run again.

This time it worked!