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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi there!

I have two tables - 'Events' and 'Volunteers'. I would like to assign volunteers to certain events, so I have a Linked Record field in the Volunteer table, allowing me to associate certain events with certain volunteers.

Back in the Events table, I'd like to divide these volunteers into Teams A and B. 

How do I create a Linked Record (or dynamically filled multiple select dropdown?) for each Event with *only* the Volunteers assigned to those events appearing?

I can create a Linked Record in the Events table where all the volunteers appear, but can't find a way to condition the list and limit it to only those who are already linked with that Event.

Hope this is clear... Put another way:

I have 10 events and 100 volunteers. Each event needs 10 volunteers, split into two teams of 5. I want to first go through the volunteers choosing an event for each of them, then move to the event table and choose a Team for each of the 10 volunteers, per event.


Apologies if this question is appearing in the wrong location, many thanks for any suggestions!

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi @CSF,

There are two work arounds you can use to achieve the desired results.

Option 1

Use the new feature from Airtable Dynamic Filtering. This can be helpful to limit the amount of information within the linked record and see only the choices you want based on conditions.

Option 2

Create a Airtable View in the Volunteer table that has the exact conditions you want (for example, sort them by name, limit to specific groups ext.) and then lock the view. In the Events table, you can Edit Field and tick the box "Limit record selection to a view".

Hope this helps 👌

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks Valentino, I've been trying to make option 1 work but with limited success. I would need to phrase the condition something like:

Show 'Name (of Volunteer)' if 'Event assignment (in Volunteer table)' matches 'Event'.

Which would require comparing a 'text field' to a 'linked record' - currently not supported.

I'll try your option 2 workaround. It's a shame to have to find a workaround as this does feel like basic functionality. I'll keep trying, perhaps I'm missing something.

Thanks so much anyway

Hi @CSF,

For Option 1, it's a new feature so there might be something your missing in the conditions. 

Option 2 should work depending on your needs. It's a bit basic but works consistently and accurately. 

If you want some support getting this fixed you can always book an hourly session with me and we can get this sorted.

Cheers 👌