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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

It is nice to be back to this community after a long absence!

I am creating an automation that triggers when a form is submitted.  This form has a link field where the user selects to link a number of records.  

I use a Find Records action to pull information from those linked records.  I then use a List of Records element to add linked records info in the body of an email action that is sent to the user.

I am not very hopeful but maybe the community has some ideas:  Is it possible to format the output of List of Records at all?  I would like to replace long urls from url fields like when using markdown [link](url) but it doesn't seem possible, or at least guarantee the url is added to the email as a hyperlink and not text.  I wish I could also edit things like padding of labels and values,  labels in same line as values, displaying single select values without the bubble, add a border around individual records, things like that.  Trying to fake it using formula fields to add markdown (like: "**" & Value & "**" )  of course doesn't work. 

I suppose I'm stuck with what Airtable provides. Any suggestions?



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Some trickery can be done within the Send Email action that allows for some formatting, but options are limited - somethings work, others won't.

I'm a little stuck in understanding the exact sequence/layout of your Tables and fields, would you mind providing some screenshots of where you're currently stuck - and maybe a mock-up of the desired output?