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8 - Airtable Astronomer

I would like some assistance in creating an automation that sends out monthly (or conditional) emails to specific employees depending on certain items.

The base is a tracking log for all of our employees to track their monthly recertification for their clients. Each row is a client’s name, employee responsible, a due date, and a manager responsible.

I want an email to send out to the respective employee that share a list of all the client’s that have not renewed their certification with us past the due date.

I have a view that finds records that are past the due date. But i also know how to make it by condition.

The issue is that staff are likely to have up to 30 clients a month to renew and I don’t want to send individual emails for each client, i want a digest that shows a list in the email body of all the specific clients that are over due for renewal.

However, I am unable to target the right email to match this query. I am either sending it to one person, or one email for all people on the list.

Let’s say that the list is like

Employee: Employee 1
Client: Client A, Client B, Client C, Client D
Due Date: 2/22/2022

Employee: Employee 2
Client: Client E, Client, F, Client, G
Due Date: 2/22/2022

I want two emails to be sent out, one for Employee 1 and one for Employee 2. The body of Employee 1 will show the clients that are over due, and the same for Employee 2.

Can anyone help me?


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4 - Data Explorer

I’ve run into a similar issue – trying to send individual email digests. I haven’t found a good solution yet. Hopefully I’ll learn one from other answers to your question.

One workaround for you might be to duplicate the automation for each employee?
e.g. Automation 1 = where condition is overdue + Employee is Employee 1

I’d say the neatest way would be to create a View for each employee (filter by employee + due date), then Automation searches for records by View. That way you could duplicate the Automation and just select a different view (rather than having to change conditions), though you may still have to manually enter the employee email address for each automation.

Another workaround would be to send the one email to everyone, with just a COUNT of overdue clients + a link to their filtered Airtable view.
Employee 1 – Client count – link to Employee 1 view
Employee 2 – Client count – link to Employee 2 view

Hi Pete,

The issue of having automation for every employee (or every view, because I already set a view for each employee), is that it seems tedious because we have 40 employees total.

I am hoping there is a solution where I can have AirTable either interpret or I code to do an email for each employee on a case by case basis.

However 40 automations+ for every type of email feels like a lot. Especially when it comes to organizing and navigating automations in the long run.