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Multiple email automation

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Hey Airtable community, I need you!

I made an automation to send email to multiple email addresses when a record matches conditions.

The automation works well during the test session and sends the email to multiple addresses picked from a rollup field with this formula added:


The problem is when I run the automation in airtable data, the automation sends the email only at the first contact of the rollup field.

Please, help me to fix this issue.

Thank you for your time

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Are you able to share a copy of your base with the fields required?

Duplicate the base and turn off “copy records”

Hi Zack,

this is the link Airtable - Main Story View

Not sure why it isn’t working for you. I’m not having any problems when testing a similar setup.

Just for the sake of it try this

If that doesn’t work, I’m not sure what to tell you without seeing how the base and automations are actually setup.

Hi Zack,

Thank you for your support.

I tried also with your formula ARRAYJOIN…(etc), but it works during the test, but doesn’t work during the operation in aritable data.

Below you can find the snapshot of my automation configuration:


The automations runs successfully, but as you can see it uses only one email address (the first in the Rollup field).

I tried also to invert the addresses, but the mail is sent every time only at the first address.