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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am working on a massive update to my table 250+ records. Each record has a "terpene profile" field that can contain anywhere from 1-9 terpenes, each with their own associated "effect" , "flavor and aroma profile" and "helps with" fields that all need their associated selectable added to their already existing fields. I know that my best bet is to run a script, but I am not very good at writing scripts yet. Any ideas on a framework for how I might format a script like this?

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Hi @William_Sweet,
You can use the Batch Update extension by Airtable to quickly update records contained within a view. I would create a temporary view, filter it based on something existing in your data to select the records you want to update, then update records in this view using the "Add/remove multiple choices" action of the Batch Update extension.

Another less fun by possibly bearable option is to utilize the keyboard only by beginning to type the multi-select value, then hitting Enter once it appears, and moving with the arrow keys.

Hope that helps!