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Hello Community,

My email automation that I use to send out reports has failed 3 times in a row and does not give me any information besides it has "failed". I went to the automation itself, tested it, and it said everything was fine. So I am not sure what the issue is. I am attaching a photo of the email I keep receiving. Hopefully I can get this figured out soon. (This is also just the normal email automation, not the gmail specific one.)

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Has this automation previously worked and stopped working? Or had this automation never worked?

What is the trigger for the automation?

Did you look at the run history of the automation? It should give you more information. You can get to the run history from a link in the top right corner of the automation.

This Automation had been working perfectly for months, until this past weekend.
The Trigger is for whenever a member of staff fills out a Report form at the end of the night.
I have checked the run history, its says ("Message" could not be converted to a string) under the Send email section. It asks me to run it again, but I can't do that every time, just for my own sanity.