Need to create multiple linked records based on records filtered in an interface

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Objective: create employee resume pages (via Documint) for project proposals. These resume pages have employee info and list previous pertinent project experience. The resume page for John Doe for the ABC Hospital project will have different project experience listed than the John Doe resume page for XYZ Stadium.

Our base has these tables:
PROJECT TICKETS (join table between PEOPLE and PROJECTS)
PROPOSAL PAGES (Each PROPOSAL PAGE is linked to one PEOPLE record, one PROPOSAL record, and multiple RESUME TICKETS records.)

Currently I have interfaces that:

  1. Create a PROPOSAL record.
  2. Create PROPOSAL PAGES records linked to the PROPOSAL record and PEOPLE record. (this is the resume page to print/.pdf)
  3. Show me a grid view of all of the PROJECT TICKETS for the individual whose resume PROPOSAL PAGE I am creating. I can filter this grid view to only include the projects I want to list on the resume page.

This is where I hit the wall.
I want to create RESUME TICKETS (all linked to this PROPOSAL PAGE upon creation) that mirror the links in the filtered grid of PROJECT TICKETS. I can manually create new RESUME TICKET records and copy/paste the PROJECT link from the grid into the new RESUME TICKET records, but creating 10 resumes with 10-15 projects on each resume page is a pain in the butt.

Once I have the projects filtered in the grid of projects (displayed as PROJECT TICKETS linked to this employee) that I want to include in the PROPOSAL PAGE (resume page), how do I automate the creation of the new RESUME TICKETS linked to this PROPOSAL PAGE?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi Dave, if it’s possible to get the filter you mentioned in the interface working as a formula field instead, you could potentially use an automation to find those records and then a scripting action to create the one RESUME TICKETS record per PROJECT record

Is that possible though?