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4 - Data Explorer

Hello - I'd like to update a date field on a table when an Outlook email is sent. I'm assuming I need to set the "New email is received" trigger and associate the "Sent items" folder in Outlook. Beyond that I'm confused.

Fields on the table are:

Name: full name of email recipient

Email: email of recipient of sent email

Last Contact: date of most recent sent email

Owner: email of sender

Thanks for the help!

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Which field are you trying to update?  What data can you use from the email you're sending to identify the record in Airtable you'd like to update?

Thanks - I want to update the Last Contact date on the table. This would be the email sent date from the most recent email. The email recipient is the data that I will use to identify the record in the table.

Thanks for the details.  If I were you I'd have two actions in the triggered automation:

1. A "Find Records" action that looks for a record with the email of the recipient
  - Note: If there is more than one record per recipient in the table this won't work, but from what I understand of your workflow there shouldn't be?
2. An "Update Record" action that updates the "Last Contact Date" field with the email sent date of the found record
  - Here's some Airtable documentation with an example of how to use a "Find Record" and "Update Record" action together

Not sure if Outlook gives you the email sent date.  If it doesn't, I'd have to add another step somewhere to figure out what the current date and time is and use that to update the record probably

Hey Adam - thanks a ton for the help so far. I'm at a bit of a loss with this.

My trigger is "When email is received" in my Outlook Email Account, and I've indicated the Sent Items folder.

The next step is "Find Records" from Table 1. Do I set "Find records based on View or Condition? This part gets fuzzy.

And then I need to "Update record" but that hasn't worked either.

Thanks again for the help.

No worries!  You'd use a "Find records based on condition", and you'd look for the record based on the email

If you'd like you could DM me a creator invite to your base and I can take a look at this for you.  Alternatively, a call where I did a screenshare would probably also help us a long quite quickly.  You can pick a time that's convenient for you via Calendly if that sounds good to you