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Good morning,

I am writing in reference to a problem with the Airtable integration via Token at MAKE 

We need this integration to ensure that Make automatically connects leads arriving from Facebook and the CRM in Airtable

The problem is that every time I inserted the Personal Access Token to do the integration, it gives me the error "Status Code Error: 401"

What could be the problem? Are there any essential settings for the Persona Access Token to integrate it with Make?

Thank you,
Best Regards

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Did you setup your Personal Access Token to have access to the bases you want and with the correct scope? If you did not give the Personal Access Token access to the base or if it doesn't have the scope it needs, your request is considered unauthorized.


As @kuovonne mentioned above, when you are using Make's Airtable automations, there is a minimum number of scopes that you must set.

You must set these 2 scopes at a minimum:

And if you're writing to Airtable, you will also need to set this 3rd scope: