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I'm pretty new to Airtable and am unable to find an answer to my question.

We're using a table as a DAM for our assets. I've uploaded all of our assets to the table, creating different fields to help tag them. We're using another table within the same base to plan our social media content.

How do I pull in the image from the DAM table into the social media content table? I was just uploading as an attachment but would like to pull in from the DAM, so if it changes, it will automatically change within the social media content table.

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In your social media content table, you would want to create a "linked record field" to link to the assets that you want to link to.

Then, in your social media content table, you would create a "lookup field" that would lookup the images from the assets table.

Note that the images would still live in the assets table, but you would be able to see them in the social media content table.

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If you're not worried about historical data, you can just link them up and use lookups

If you're worried about historical data, then you'd want to have an "Attachment" field in the social media content table and have an automation update that with the linked record's attachment