"When a record is updated" is sending many e-mails

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi! I’m trying to create an automation with “when a record is updated” to send an e-mail every time a new file is uploaded (or updated). We work with other partners who have access to the same base, the idea is when I update any of the files they get an e-mail to be aware.
But the trigger is sending many e-mails at the same time! If I upload a file, they send the same e-mail 3 times (sometimes even 4 times)… I don’t know what is happening… If someone can help me!


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Welcome to the Airtable community!

Airtable automation triggers are sensitive. For example, with a text field, each key press is considered an update, and an automation for “on update” would fire for each key press. In the case of an attachment, attachments sometimes go through a multi-stage upload process as the attachment is uploaded, moved to a different server, and thumbnails are created. This might be causing your problem. You can try adding a delay to your automation to see if that helps. I also recommend telling support about your experience.

Also, if it works for your use case scenario, you could add a checkbox field to your base, and then change your trigger to “record matches conditions”, and then make the condition be the checkbox being checked.