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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Ideal Solution Goal: 

  1. Every 4 hours
  2. Update first record in "GolfNomadContent_StagingTable" where Status = NO, to Status = YES
  3. When Status changes to YES > Copies row to "GolfNomadContent_ProdTable" with YES Status


  • I understand the Automation tool only handles one record at a time. 
  • Using Zapier (as an alternative), I can also update/change records 
  • However, using Zapier, you're required to use a "RecordID" which appears to be unique to each record (therefore if I'm moving the record from the table, the next time the automation runs it will search for a "RecordID" that's no longer on the table. 


Use Case: We are helping a local marketing company to scale their content creation by asking multiple people at the company to write content into a form, which we're aggregating into the "StagingTable" - Then, our marketing team wants to use Zapier to distribute the content data across their channels without duplicating content. As such, the solution idea was to set a STATUS flag on the Staging table, and have a script or automation take the next "STATUS = NO" record and update to "YES". From there, I'll setup another automation on the PROD table that copies any record with STATUS = YES into the PROD table, which is the New Record entry that will kick off the distribution. 

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