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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi there,

I am looking for a way to generate a document using formstack when entering a view.

After the document is created and saved as an attachment I want to send this using preferrably sendgrid.

Formstack and Sendgrid are both apps. But can they be run by an automation?

Hope someone has an answer to this.


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Right now, Automations can’t control apps. Sure would be nice though if they could!

+1 for this feature.

Yes it would!

I now fixed it by using Zapier. Getting info from view, using it in Sendgrid and then sending it by Zapier SMTP.

Thanks for the reply!

This automates the Sendgrid step, but not the initial Formstack document creation step, correct?

I am not using Sindgrid in this automation.

My solution now automates the Formstack creation and uses the SMTP mail by Zapier.

First create the Document, then use the formstack document URL to add it to the email.