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Running Balance

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Hi everyone. I am new"ish" to Airtable and have very basic understanding of coding.

I am trying to doing up a paycheck budget. My primary table calculates income vs expense for the 2023 paychecks so one can organize paying expenses at the time they are due instead of putting away a % each cheque. However, I cannot get the balance from the last pay check (record 1 field 8 lets say) and add as income to the next paycheck in the pay period (record 2, field 3) and repeat. It is so simple in Excel but for visualization and organization I'd prefer to stay with Airtable. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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13 - Mars
13 - Mars

Hm, could you provide a screenshot of a data example that you've formatted using Excel?

That would provide an understanding of your input data and your desired output data, and we can see whether we can figure out a way to do it within Airtable from there