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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have a Purchase Order table and an Expenses table that when records are created and automation pulls the records into the Budgets MASTER LIST using roll up and look up fields. Each Budget is allocated to a department (Autism Liaison, Events, IT & Comms etc etc ) so the Primary field for Budgets MASTER LIST is a forumula using IF to pull in the lookup Budget ID from each entry so I can group the entries by Budget ID. (hope this makes sense so far).

I also have another table that lists all Budget Categories (called Annual Budgets) that contains the annual budget amount and on this table I need to show running balance - remaining budget etc etc (don't worry about that I have already set that up), BUT it relys on having the linked field in the Budgets MASTER LIST to do this.

So, all I need is each time a new record is created in Budgets MASTER LIST, rather than me having to manually select the linked field 'Annual Budets' and select the budget related to it, is there any way I can say that if the primary field in Budget MASTER LIST says 'Autism Liaison' - can I sync it to automatically select/sync it to the linked record 'Autsim Liaison' and populate the field? So 'Events' in the Budget ID would select the 'Events' in the linked field etc etc.


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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

@ScottWorld - This is probably a walk in the park for you huh! 🙂😊

You should be able to do this without a script. Use an update action that copies the primary field value to the linked record field. The trick will be getting the trigger for the automation correct, which is highly dependent on your data-entry workflow.