Script Automation To Reorder Single Select Order

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi guys I’ve got a quick question as you know the Single Select Order of the View in Kanban Boards is determined by the order of the Single Select. My use case is that I have a copy of my chat from my chat app to in which every single chat have a single select field of the name of the person I’m chatting with so that every board in my kanban board represent a chat window. Now the last piece of the puzzle to make my chat copy automation work is to have a script where it would automatically reorder the order of the single select name as new record of chats come in via API it would have the latest chat on the left side of the kanban board. I’m familiar with javascript but I’m new to airtable scripting & I would like to have some input if single select reordering is possible or not. Thanks!
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