Selecting the right property based on FIND record?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hello all, 

I have a tenant directory showcasing all units and properties. I have 2 locations with the same unit # but different buildings. I've created a separate column to distinguish the buildings and their identical units. Here's an example:

Building #1


Building #2


As you can see, both buildings have the same unit numbering, the only thing separating them are the buildings. I have an automation to find the respective record, and place that record to the corresponding property - however when it's entered - it keeps going to address "54321 N Ave" unit 201 record instead of the "1234 N Ave" unit 201's record. Here's my automation:



My Tenant Onboarding table:



Align 'Building Four' with the address '54321 N Ave,' and if 'Building 1' is chosen with the identical unit number as Building 4, it should correspond to '1234 N Ave.'

Briefly, I have two buildings sharing the same unit number, and I want the unit number to be correctly associated with its respective building. However, when I input the entries, it consistently directs to the wrong building despite the specified address. Thank you all.



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