Sending an email using Automations, with a list of attachments

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I"m not sure if this is possible. I have a table EndOfMonthReports, which has a link to a list of ClientExpenses. I would like to send an email with the report, and attach ALL the pdfs of each client expense, to the email.  Also currently, the ClientExpense table has a field AttachmentPdf, and another one GoogleDriveLink.  The Pdf would include the actual file as an attachment, while the GoogleDriveLink, as it name implies - has a link to google drive.

Ideally, the automation would attach all the EndofMonthReport > LinkedClientExpenses.AttachmentPdfs to the email, and also download all the GoogleDriveLinks and attach to the email as well.  Is this somehow possible in Airtable? Or maybe via Make?

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You can only do this with Make. Here’s one thread on this topic, although the solution presented is way more complicated than what you need. There are probably other threads on this topic there, too. If you need more help on this topic, post in that forum because there are lots of Make experts there, and screenshots work properly over there.