Sending Data to integromat via Webhook using a Button

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi there

I’m not even sure I’m asking the right question here because I know nothing about coding and I’m aware I’m going to need a script here.

I have a table with data in it that I want to use to populate a Contract Proforma in Google Docs that I’ve created through Integromat.

I’ve managed to get it working through the Created Trigger that comes automatically in Integromat but I’d now like to be able to make it happen by clicking a button in the Record in Airtable.

I think this is done via Webhooks. I’ve generated the Webhook in Integromat but I don’t know the code to use to get the correct data sent across.

Thanks in advance

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Welcome to the community, @Daisy_Drury.

All you need to do is customize your button to perform the “Open URL” function, and then paste in your webhook URL into the formula box (within straight quotation marks).

You will often want to send the data from the record that you clicked on. In that case, just concatenate the Record_ID as a parameter to the end of the webhook URL like this:

"" & "?recordID=" & RECORD_ID()

(I separated out the parameter declaration as its own string so it’s easier to see, but you can just add that to the end of the first string.)

Then, in Integromat, use the Get A Record module to get the data from the record ID that you just sent to the webhook:

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Thanks so much for this. That works really well. However, can I just confirm that I still have to schedule the scenario to Run in Integromat? Ideally I’d like the Button Click to Trigger the scenario directly rather than having to wait 15 mins for Integromat to catch up. Is that possible?

No,you don’t have to schedule. Webhooks trigger instantly.

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