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Re: Seperate mail for daily reminder - at scheduled time - trigger

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Dear Experts

need guidance for “at a scheduled time automation”
while test run on signle record worked as expected with sending one email
on trying to send reminder to 3 teammates - i created 3 records but only one email
got created which is sum of all 3 records id and subject and body into one email
for the time being 3 diff automation created with action -1 find record diff as team type identified but i am sure there will be simple alternate to send record wise email
find record action 1 was earlier marked as track = [y] and now track=a or track =b or track = c
is made up
kindly share your experience and logics to overcome this multiple automation and each
record to send its own email

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Hi @V11

As far as I know, there are no “paths” in the Airtable automation’s. So if you want 3 separate emails, you’ll have to create 1 automation with 3 “find records” steps (1 for every teammate) and 3 “send email” actions (1 for every teammate). Refer in “send email” for team member 1 to the “find records” for that same team member.

Your message is a bit crypto for me, so I hope I understand your question correctly :slightly_smiling_face:

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Dear Databaser & Experts
Thanks and you are very right , to get separate 3 email - for “same time trigger” with
A. 3 separate automation OR
B. “3 separate find and 3 separate email actions in 1 automation”
does serves purpose but lets see how we can overcome this and get with one automation
TO ID - SOME CREATIVE TRICKS COULD SOLVE and may get us good alternate
may be some conjunctions like data structure / multi base use etc.
and sorry and pl. pardon, if my earlier narration was unclear,
however your valuable guidance is on the very exact point

Are these three triggering records going to be new each day (i.e. they’re specific new tasks that you want to send reminders about), or are these records about the teammates (i.e. one record per teammate) and you want those same records to trigger a reminder email to each teammate every day?

If it’s the latter, here’s another way to approach it. Instead of using the “At a scheduled time” trigger, use the “When record matches conditions” trigger. The condition would be driven by a formula field that would output a 1 at a certain time of day. Because the formula would run on each record, it would trigger the automation once for each record and each teammate would receive a separate email.

As for the formula, it could look something like this if you wanted to trigger the email to send at 9 am every day:

HOUR(NOW() >= 9)

That would output a 1 when the current time reaches 9 am, and a 0 at all other hours before that. That way it would only trigger once per day, and the output switching to 0 at midnight would reset the trigger for the next day.

The only tweak that you’d need to make to this would be to change “9” based on your local timezone. The NOW() function is based on GMT, so the formula above would trigger at 9 am GMT. If your timezone is GMT +2 for example, then 9 am for you is 7 am GMT, so you’d use this formula:

HOUR(NOW() >= 7)

The only other thing to be aware of is that the NOW() function doesn’t update constantly. Per the documentation, it updates roughly every 15 minutes if your base is open, and roughly every hour when it’s closed. To account for this flexibility, you might consider picking a trigger time that’s a little earlier than you actually need it.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Dear Justin Barrett & Experts ,

Thanks a lot for your creative insights, i will attempt as per your guidance
as this is simple test run - you are right in suggesting for “Later” option
you have controlled brilliantly with only 1 time for “when record matches conditions” by checking
“> with =”
also if you/anyone is aware on this ,
kindly also inform in this case automation count AT takes as
only 1 even for 3 separate emails getting send or treat as 3 separate automation run

I’m not sure that I completely understand your question. If you’re asking about the automation count using the method that I described above, it would be one automation per triggering record. If three records match the conditions, the automation will run three times. Again this is based on the assumption that each record is tied to someone who needs to receive this daily reminder email. Also, there would not need to be a “find” step in this automation design, as the data in the triggering record would be sufficient to provide the necessary info to send the email.

If you’re looking to only use one automation to send all three emails, that’s a more difficult challenge. Let me ask this: does the content of each email need to be different? Or will it be the same content, just sent to three different people? Also, could you clarify the relationship between the email recipients and these records that you were finding in your original approach? That part is still unclear for me.

Dear Justin Barrett and Experts

Thanks for quick and very precise revert

you are absolutely correct , as diff mail body for each of the three records AT takes 3 automation trigger count

Also , agreed with your - no need for “find” step and it worked out without same correctly on sample set

earlier approach for 3 find is mainly for separate out 3 diff mail to 3 diff team each with their
own tasks reminders but seems AT there also is taking automation per record for
mail getting trigger

wondering with one automation set but 3 action rules applied - is taking usage count for 3 automation usage , may be as per their Policy

i hope you could convey with clarity
thanks for your valuable time and frank exchange of ideas

That’s not the case. If it runs once, no matter how many actions you have in the automation, it counts as one automation run towards your monthly quota.

I’d like to back away from the automation details for a second and get a bit more clear about your end goal. As I’m reading it now, you want to send emails to specific teams on a daily basis. Each email should contain reminders about the team’s tasks, and those tasks are records in one of your tables. Am I understanding that correctly? Is there anything that I’m missing?

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Dear Justin Barrett and Experts

Thanks a lot and you are on exact spot,
once we leave automation run
for other part your understanding is very crisp and clear
and its run well also on test base,
just fyi , i observed automation run added by 3 for 3 records it mailed
under 1 automation as suggested
thanks a lot for all your valuable time and support extended