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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

There's a table named Customers. This table has details of the customers. In this table, there’s a first column that has Record ID (reference field) and each customer has a unique Record ID.

There’s a column called Paid in this table which has details about the payment status. Here, I mark manually when someone pays and it mentions “ 5 Mentors (89€)” . 

There’s another table named Mentors which has a list of mentors and their details in different columns. The first column is the Record ID which is unique to every mentor. 

When, I change the status of Paid column in customers with 5 Mentors (89€) in the customers table, Airtable allots 5 random mentors to that specific customer. These 5 mentors are randomly assigned from the list available in the Mentors table. As mentioned above. Because every mentor has a unique ID and every customer has a unique ID, airtable knows which mentor has been assigned to which customer .

There’s another table named Matchings. In this table we see the matchings made by airtable for every customer. This has a column named Mentee which has the Record IDs as we have in the Customers Table. There’s a column named Mentor which has the Record ID of the Mentors as in the Mentors Table. 

There’s a column in the mentors table named Number of matches done. Here, it mentions the number of customers this specific mentor has been matched with. 

I want to automate this process.

Every time a specific mentor is allocated to a customer in the Customer’s table, I want to automate the process of adding +1 to the current number of matches column in the Mentors table. This can be done by tracking the Matchings table and finding the Record ID of the mentors for the customers who have been marked Paid. 

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