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Slack action when >10 recipients

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We have an automation that sends a slack reminder out to people who haven’t checked in that day. It works well, but is limited to <10 recipients. When we have >10 people who have forgotten to do their status update, though, the automation fails. What would be the best way to break up that action? Our automation is currently…
1 - at a scheduled time trigger
2 - Find records based on view of people who have not checked in
3 - If recordcount>0, send slack notification using dynamic data from step 2

Do I break up the data in step 2 if >10? Loop? What would be best?

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Hmm, if you’ve got automations to spare perhaps you could make an automation that would trigger per person that has not checked in instead?

May I know how the automation fails as well? Perhaps I could help troubleshoot that bit

How would I trigger per person?

The automation fails when it hits the slack action, because the people count is > 10.

Since you’ve already got a view that lists all the people who haven’t checked in, you could change your trigger to “When record enters view” perhaps? Hard to say as I don’t know how your data’s set up

Ah I see, I didn’t realize the automation had a limit on the number of recepients it could send to, sorry!

I think the way my view works is that at midnight everyone on the team is in the view (because the latest date is a new day, and no one has done the update). As people log on in the morning and begin to check in, they disappear from the view. Then at a certain time, anything left gets reminded. So it’s sort of the opposite trigger method than what you describe

Fair enough. I would put a formula field in that identifies whether it’s past that certain time you described and they haven’t checked in and use that formula field in the view. That way the records of people who hadn’t checked in yet would enter the view at that time and trigger the record

That conceptually makes sense but I’m stuck on how to implement. You’re saying I’d create a new column, of type formula, then in that field I would have this logic:

If now is past 10:30am today, then 1


I tried this but am getting syntax issues and wasn’t sure how to resolve.

IF ((NOW() > DATETIME_FORMAT(TODAY(), ‘MM/DD/YYYY’ & ’ 10:30AM’)), 1, 0)

Bumping this…any ideas?