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6 - Interface Innovator

We have a list of vendors that will all need to complete certain steps before we consider them to be complete through our program.

Each Vendor is submitted through a form by our internal team, and the vendor information lives in the “Vendor-Main View” tab.

The Account Managers are then asked to copy all the checklist items from the “Master Checklist” (There are about 70) into the “Checklist” tab.



The thought is that every vendor that comes in will each be unique, but the set of requirements to complete are the same for each vendor.

Instead of copying the requirements from the Master Checklist, is there a way for me to create an automation so these requirements are created each time a new vendor is added to the Vendor-Main View tab?

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Absolutely, this can be done as an automation. While it can be done without code as a combination of create and update actions, with 70 new checklist items/linked records, the chain of actions will become unwieldy, as this method cannot create records in bulk.

I recommend doing it with a Scripting action. I have written many scripts for creating new linked records for client. If you are interested in having someone write a script, let me know!