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Our orders are composed of several sub orders.
Each sub order has their own status, because they are managed independently.
The main order status is equal to the less advanced of the sub orders status.

I’m trying to update automatically update the main order status (we do it manually at the moment).
Any idea how ?

Here is a simplified version of our system to illustrate.
Status :

  • in progress
  • shipped
  • delivered

Main order :

  • sub order 1 : in progress
  • sub order 2 : delivered
  • sub order 3 : shipped
    —> Main order status = in progress (because it is the less advanced of the sub orders status)

When the “sub order 1” updates to “shipped”, the “main order” status should update to “shipped” as well.

Thank you,

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Have the overall status be a calculated field instead of an editable field.

Are your sub-orders linked records or different sets of fields in the same order record?

If the sub orders are in linked records, have a rollup field deferment the status.

    FIND("in progress", ARRAYJOIN(values)),
    "in progress",
    FIND("shipped", ARRAYJOIN(values)),
    FIND("delivered", ARRAYJOIN(values)),