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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I want to have my status column auto fill a date in the Actual RFP Date when the status is set to RFP. But then there are more status changes that will happen after that, and I don't want the Actual RFP Date to disappear once the status is change to the next status in the process so we can track that date easily. Right now I have it so when status is changed to RFP it fills in the Actual RFP Date, but then with Engineering changes the status to Engineering Complete, that date goes away. However, I also want it to update the Actual RFP date if you ever go back and change the status to Field Dim. We typically do that when someone thinks they have everything they need, but then they realize they are missing information. So we would set the status back to Field Dim and then once the field dim is complete we would again change the status to RFP and would need the Actual RFP date to show the most recent RFP status change date. 

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