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4 - Data Explorer

I have a new automation that is supposed to send an email every week to show the status of each persons projects. In my test "run as configured" the emails send successfully with no issues. But in practice when they try to fire at the scheduled time it fails with the error message "The email was rejected by the mail provider". We have several Airtable automations running daily and Gmail doesn't "reject" any of those. I cant understand whats different about this one or why it works in the test run but not in reality.

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Hey @AKKat

Please verify the the email address you use to send the email is correct. Also test it with other records. Lastly I would recommend to  add again the connection of Gmail. 

The reason why it runs on test and not in real data may it is because the saved data in trigger on tests were correct or because you request preview and not final delivery. Try also to send emails to your personal email. 


Yours sincerely,
Dimitris Goudis 

Yeah the email address is correct and works fine. Also it's rejecting from all emails, not just one. What do you mean add the connection of Gmail?

@AKKat  on email delivery action do you use Gmail send action? If yes please try to reconnect your gmail's account in there. If you are using Outlook then you have to do the same. 

If you re using the Airtable's send action then check if you are already on automation limits of your plan..