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Time and Date Stamp For Time Trackers

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Is there a way to get a time and date stamp on when the time tracker app was started and was stopped?

Specifically I want to track what day I worked on what and how long. So on Tuesday I did invoices for 3 hours but on Wednesday I only worked on them for an hour. And last week I worked on invoices 5 hours in total but this week I only worked on them for 2 hours.

I know the example above will require multiple functions, but I am stuck on getting a start and stop time linked to a task and date that is not dynamic and won’t change every time I work on that task again. I’m not sure if that makes sense.

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Hi @Abby_Skrabak, have you tried using the Last Modified Time field and specified the duration field you’re using to track the time? That field will always be overwritten when there is a change on the field, but maybe you can work with that (create an automation to log out time stamps in a separate table for instance).

Yeah I was trying to figure that route out. I’m not very well versed in the “change view automation,” is there some how I can send the last modified information over to a different view? I was also thinking if there was a way you could do a conditional to not do something, or to change a dynamic to a static.