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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’m building platform with airtable and other db synced. With automation of create and update, I can sync data between two db in real time. But this time, i want to delete record on db when the user delete a record on airtable, but I can not find the trigger of delete.
Can I get any help for this?

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Hi @Simon_NG and welcome to the community!

At this point, it is not possible to delete records with build in automations, nor is it available as a trigger.

Okay. Thanks for confirming.

@Databaser and @Simon_NG it is possible to delete a record via an automation if you use a run a script action. Triggering on record deletion is more or less possible if you set up an automation to run at a scheduled time that runs through every record in the table and checks if that record’s “pair” exists in the other database, and if it doesn’t exist then the script can delete the record.

Thanks @Kamille_Parks
Yes, I’m running a cron job to sync between data!

Forgot about the nuance of scripting there for a minute :face_without_mouth: