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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I'm trying to get program participants' records to update automatically when they're listed in another table as having attended a workshop, but AirTable is requiring a Record ID and I don't know how to configure this such that it applies to all records in the table.

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Automation designed to run for a record, when something happens with it, and you define this 'something' by setting  trigger. If you want to run it against the whole table and it fits your automation runs limit, you can, for example, set trigger 'when record matches condition', add a temporary checkbox field, and set it as condition for trigger. Then test your automation for a single record, and if it's ok, check all records in your table. I would recommend to check it by groups - 10-50 records at a time and wait until previous automation runs completed. If you run hundred of updates at the same time, you will face significant delay and possible fail of many automation runs. Of course, it depends on your actions and the total number of records in a table. After all records in a table are processed, you can change trigger to process new records created in a table (for example if you want to autolink all new records to some other table, you can set trigger 'when {Some field} is not empty and {Link field} is empty'). Then you can delete your temporary checkbox field.

Could you provide screenshots of the relevant tables and examples of what you want to happen in those tables and fields to assist with troubleshooting?