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Trying to build an automation that unchecks the box

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I am trying to build an automation that updates a record if the status dropdown = Offer Accepted.

If Offer Accepted is selected from the dropdown, I want the automation to update a checkbox field (to no longer being checked).


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Try setting the value to 0 (zero).

That didn’t work :frowning:


I don’t think you have the record id right. At least I didn’t know you could access it through a field. Maybe I’m wrong.

Otherwise, I’ve set checkboxes to “unchecked” by leaving the field empty as you did. Also, just in case I misunderstood, you’re “unchecking” Requested instead of Recruited (as your picture shows). Good luck.

I think I don’t have the correct “Record ID”. Based on the below image, if I want to uncheck “Recruited” when status becomes “Offer Accepted” what should be my Record ID and what should be my field?


The record id comes from your trigger. It will look something like this…


Click on the “Continue” when you hover over the “Record (from Step 1…)” item. Then you should see the record id to insert.

That is what I have selected, but it doesnt like it. See below


You do have a trigger for this action right? That you have tested?

I figured out the issue, I was drilling down to the filed ID instead of selecting the Airtable ID. Now is working.


Thank you