Trying to send one email per person to many people, but the emails need to be able to reference multiple records

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4 - Data Explorer

I’m trying to figure out how to send emails to recipients on a specific table that references ALL of the records they’ve submitted to that table. I’ve figured out how to send an email per record, but I have some people that have submitted up to 20 records, and I’d rather just send one email per person that references everything they’ve done. I would like to have it so that it reads the status of the record(s), then sends the applicable form email with all the info filled in. I just can’t figure out how to do that with the conditional actions or with basic automations. Can anyone help?

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What is your base structure?

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Trigger the email from your [People] table. You may want to use a rollup field and a formula field to calculate if/when to trigger the email. Then use a “find records” action before your “send email” action to find the records associated with that person. Include the results of the “find records” action in your email message.

Or you can use rollup fields to summarize the information from all the linked records and then include the results of the rollup fields in the email message.

Either way, the trick is to trigger off the [People] table instead of the linked record table.