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Update All records with same name

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Hi my master records are properties and I cold call the owners. Multiple properties have the same owner so when I update my notes on an owner I want all of the records with the same “owner’s name” to be updated as well. Please help

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Hi and welcome @elli_khafizov!
It sounds like you have all properties and owners on the same table.
I would suggest adding a table with owners and connect that to the properties table. That way you can edit owner info just the once instead of once per property.

Table 1 - Properties

  • Field name 1
  • Field name 2
  • Etc.
  • Owners (Linked field)

Table 2 - Owners

  • Field name 1
  • Field name 2
  • Etc.
  • Properties (Linked field)

I have that but I don’t want to go back and forth. I am canvassing an area and don’t want to call the same people twice and also want to have all my notes in one place per area

You don’t have to. By linking to an owner record from the [Owners] table, you can open that linked record from within the [Properties] table and edit that owner’s notes directly. You’ll see the same notes for all properties tied to that owner because they’re all linking to the same record.