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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello everyone!

I want to fetch current time and add two minutes in it and update the timestamp in the record automatically. Is this possible?

Example: The current time here is 05:44 PM so I want to add 2 minutes in it which makes it 05:46 PM. How do I put this into a loop so that every 2 minutes the time will be updated automatically?

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What are you trying to accomplish?

You could do that with an automation tool like Integromat, but why do you need this?

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am making a game application for Android in which I want to show users a countdown of 2 minutes. I want to put this in a loop and want to run this forever. When the countdown is finished, it will again add 2 minutes in the current time and in my app it will show as a countdown. I could fetch current time from any API but this does not work because I want this running forever from the server side, not from the client side.

I cannot code this into my application because the countdown will only start when user opens the app. I want to show the countdown same for all my users so I want to setup a server where the current time will be automatically fetched from API and it will automatically add 2 minutes in it so that I can show a live countdown for all users.

Sorry for bad English, I hope I explained properly what I am trying to achieve.

Yep - fully understandable and why most games are built on a pub/sub architecture such as PubNub. Airtable is not ideal for real-time gaming or any aspect of the gaming administration because it lacks the event architecture to support these and many more requirements. You need a sockets-layer model that allows all users to remain in sync as well as presence in the game itself. This is made possible by a real-time network with <250ms update latency whether there are 2 users or 2 million users.