Update Single Select Field in Multiple Records with Script Automation

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi there,
I’m trying to set up an airtable automation so that when I update a single select field in one table, it updates to the same thing on multiple records for that person in a second table.

For context, it’s a Covid Testing Table. The table I am entering the info in is “Start Work Testing” and the single select field I am entering into is called “Rako Status”. My second table is called “Site Access Requests” and I want to update an identical “Rako Status” field in my second table. There is always only one record per person in the “Start Work Testing” table, but there are sometimes multiple entries for that person in the “Site Access Requests” table. I think I need a script to update all records, can anyone help?

I came very close to solving it with this community post, but in this one the field that was being updated just had the same outcome each time, whereas mine will vary depending on what single select option is selected.

My automation is based on the following conditions:
Trigger: When record is updated in “Start Work Requests Table”
Step 1: Find Record: based on having the same email address on both records
Run Script: Update all records that match Find Record conditions above.

I know I can probably use a linked record or similar to solve this, but this information flows out of this table into other bases using Zap so I thought keeping the field as a single select is my preferred option.


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Hi Bonnie, I’ve put something together here that I think does what you’re looking for.

You should be able to view the automation and the script in the base

Update Single Select Field in Multiple Records with Script Automation

Happy to answer any questions

As an aside, could you tell me more about the concerns you have with using a linked record to deal with this and how it might affect the Zap?

If possible I’d like to help you solve those concerns and use a linked record instead, as it would be easier to maintain and less fragile than a script