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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hello, I have an automation that is running as expected. I would like to add a few more trigger words to my Conditions, is this possible? Currently the trigger is when the target field contains the word TEST. I would like it to trigger for TEST, TEST1, TEST5, TEST8, etc. Is this possible? I do not see any OR conditions, only AND. The field that contains the trigger work is a plain text field in the AT.


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You should be able to change the AND to OR, just like you can for a view.

Hahaha yeah, I should be able to, but I cannot, so that’s why I’m asking! The first condition allows to switch to an OR but the following ones do not. In the regular AT you can create condition groups, but I do not see a way to do this in the Automations so wondering if there is another solution.
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When you change the first “and” to “or” all of the conditions should switch to “or”. This is the old conditional functionality that existed before condition groups.

If you need to mix and match and/or conditions, here are some options:

  • use a formula field that checks the conditions, and then trigger the automation off of the formula field

  • build a filtered view with condition groups, and then trigger the automation off of the record entering the view