Using Automations to Auto-populate New Records

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6 - Interface Innovator

Ok, asking about a functionality that I hope exists and I just haven’t figured out just yet. Here’s my situation:

  • I am scheduling vaccine clinics for first dose and second dose. I have a formula set up already so if Vaccine Clinic A for the Moderna Vaccine is scheduled for March 1st, I have a field that tells me the second dose needs to be scheduled for 4 weeks later (i.e. March 29). That field is labeled Second Dose Target Date

  • Now what I would like to do is this: When that Second Dose Target Date field is populated, I would love for it to automatically create a new record with a Clinic Date indicating March 29th (using the example above), and carrying over additional information. For example, If Vaccine Clinic A administered 505 First Dose Moderna vaccines on March 1st, is there a way to use automations to auto-create a record for 505 Second Dose Moderna Vaccines on March 29th? (In my situation, the number of vaccines administered and type of vaccine are both fields on my table).

Any help that this community can provide would be soooo appreciated! My background is public health, but I’ve been tasked with building this platform to support our efforts. So I’m a little out of my element here :grimacing:

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Hi @Sara_Stahlberg ,

Yes definitely you can do that using automation. Basically what you would do is create an automation where the trigger is either by condition (field Second Dose Target Date is not empty) or when it enters a view (which will have a filter that field Second Dose Target Date is not empty).

Then you can make a step to create a new record bringing over whatever information you need.


Thank you @Mohamed_Swellam ! I was able to create the Automation, but I am getting stuck on having it pull over the date correctly. Because the Second Dose Target Date is a formula field, it won’t let me pull that over into the Clinic Date field on the new record. Do you have a recommendation on how to do that and/or set it up within the automation?