Using Count to Calculate # of transactions

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I have a small hotel, and I wanted to calculate the number of stays each guest had with us.

Is it possible that I can create a record like this and have the guest email and name as a variable for each column (see attached photo)?


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I understand thanks.

This is the contacts Table

This is the reservations Table

there are a lot of columns … would you like me to try to get them all?

I can’t change the {guestEmail}, cause it’s coming from the API … and it won’t populate automaticlly if I change it

In that case you’d leave {guestEmail} alone and set up an Automation to copy the value from {guestEmail} into your existing Link To Another Record-type field which I believe would be {Contacts}.

This will link all future Reservations records for you. For the existing ones, you could simply copy the entire {guestEmail} column and paste it into the {Contacts}.

OMG!!! It worked! You are a God!


  1. Create new column (forumla: guestEmail) which just copies that column in to this one
  2. I hid the first guestEmail (cause I know I’ll forget about the automation with the API one day, and edit it
  3. I already had a column that linked to the guest email in the contacts table, so I just copied the entire column and pasted it into the new column

Thanks for your help.