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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have a column with single select option. Based on the option selected in Single select, I need a particular formula to be used to make calculations in the next column. There are around 10 options in the single select and 10 formulae corresponding to each option. Is there a way in Airtable (using Integromat) to achieve this?

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It doesn’t sound like you would need Integromat to do this. It sounds like you would just need to create a formula field within Airtable.

Here’s a good article to get you started with formulas in Airtable, and it covers building complex formulas as well:

Also, my free Airtable training course covers formulas as well:

Thank you for the response, Scott. I did try nested if and switch functions but I thought there must be a better way to achieve this. I have too many variables at play and want to expand this use case to multiple columns with single select.
For eg:
Column A has 10 single select options
Column B has 3
Column C has 2
Based on the option selected in each of these columns, a formula is to be used.

Can you explain why you think using Integromat would be better than having a formula field?

Usually adding another service to a system adds complexity to the system.
Keeping everything within Airtable makes things less complex. Layering on Integromat does not make the calculations any less complex. Rather it shifts the complexity around.

Have you tried writing your formula in an external text editor, using a multi-line syntax? I find that using a different editor and a multi-line syntax makes writing (and understanding) formulas much easier. In some cases where having everything crammed into a single formula is too much, I create a system of formulas and put all of the formula fields in a single view to make it easier to understand the relationships among the fields.