Version controlling / backing up Automation scripts

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4 - Data Explorer

I have an Airtable which contains several automation scripts that are being run. Is there a good way of automatically saving those scripts to an external source, or connecting them to a github repo (or something similar) so that version controlling can be done on them? This would be useful for me to keep track of what changes have been made and give me the ability to restore older versions of the script if something breaks.

Apparently Airtable’s “Snapshots” do save the automation data, but I’m not sure in what capacity? The documentation online seems to mostly focus on the table data itself. Plus, there isn’t a way I know of to “look inside” the snapshot, only restore that version completely.

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Yah, I agree with the need for Automation Script version control. I've haven't spent too much time looking into a solution, other than copying/pasting into an external version control. Would definitely be worth requesting this as a new feature.